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About East Williams Memorial Public School

East Williams Township Memorial School opened its doors to students in 1952. The new building replaced several smaller one room schools in East Williams Township. The Board of Trustees Chair, Charles Bannister and Dr. Althouse, Chief Director of Education for Ontario, officially opened the school on September 22, 1952.

The building included five classrooms, an auditorium, kitchen, utility room and welcomed 166 students that first year. A vibrant community guaranteed growth and alteration to the original building. With the decision to close the Ailsa Craig School and bus students to East Williams, the year 1974 witnessed another expansion to the school. This included a gymnasium, offices, four additional classrooms with the existing auditorium modified to serve as a library.

Over the years the school adapted to an increase in student population with the addition of portables. The Thames Valley District School Board recognized the need to expand the existing structure. In December of 2003, the bang, whirl and thump of construction blended with the sounds of education in order to create the refreshed and expanded East Williams Memorial Public School we see today.

The school grounds house a war memorial to fallen heroes from World War I and a memorial plaque dedicated to Sir George Ross. East Williams Memorial continues to show commitment to the development of academic, athletic, and arts programs that are offered at the school.

East Williams is proud of its mission and goal to be an Inclusive School. Each year we refine our character-education and leadership programs to continue to provide opportunities for all our students to learn how to live well together and to become kind, caring and responsible members of their school, their community and their world.

In the spring of 2009 the 'UNION GAS' Community Fund donation of $1000 dollars allowed staff, students and parents to create a Peace Garden entitled 'The Peaceful Eagle's Nest'. Thirty-two families participated by donating trees, shrubs, flowers, and ornamental structures for the garden. East Williams is a 'peaceful' school that strives to ensure a safe, learning community for all students.

We are proud of our 'literacy and numeracy culture' here at East Williams, where all students improve in their learning through meaningful literacy and numeracy programs throughout the grades.

Remember that 'Peace Lives In Everyone.'

(History of the school was written by former and long time East Williams teachers, Bea Bender and Vi Rupp)